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Terugblik - 7 October 2016

Literary Show: Kader Abdolah and Pieter Waterdrinker

Our monthly show on current Dutch literature tonight focussed on writer Kader Abdolah and Pieter Waterdrinker. Jeroen Vullings interviewed Abdolah on his latest book Salam Europa! ('Salam Europe!'). It recounts the story of the Sjah of Persia and his first travels through Europe in 1873. At the same time it is a highly topical novel, as it also touches on issues like immigration and terrorism. Pieter Waterdrinker is a writer and journalist, based in Russia. He discussed his latest novel Poubelle. It displays the dilemma's of this era, against the background of the war in Eastern Ukraine, and the MH17 Airplane crash. There was music by singer Stefka, accompanied by Amer Shanati (ud), Christian ten Hoope (bass) and Robbert Verweij (trompet/bugel).
This evening was in Dutch.
Curated by Mira Feticu and Marcel Teeuwes (The Hague Libary)


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