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Terugblik - 2 June 2017

Literary show: Karin Amatmoekrim and Ted van Lieshout

Writers Karin Amatmoekrim and Ted van Lieshout - principal guests of this Dutch-spoken literary show - were eleven years old at the time of far-reaching events in their lives that are now at the core of their respective, recently published novels.

Amatmoekrim's Tenzij de vader (Unless the father) is a 'memoir' about her father; at eleven, Karin hears that not the drunken Dutch sailor who, again, was just forced out of the house by the police, but a Surinam sports hero is her father. Her exploration journey does not only result in a biography of her father and an intimate portrayal of Suriname but also in a captivating self-examination.

In his new novel Schuldig kind (Guilty child), Van Lieshout looks back on a precarious period from his childhood years: at eleven, he had a relationshop with an adult man. The returning questions about how and to which degree this relationship influenced his further life, were the motive to write this book.

The music during this evening was performed by flute player Ronald Snijders.

A programme curated by Mira Feticu and Marcel Theeuwes (Bibliotheek Den Haag). Bookselling by Van Stockum Boekverkopers.

Writers Unlimited Gemeente Den Haag Fonds 1818 Bibliotheek Den Haag