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Reggie Baay

(Leiden, NL, 1955) won much praise for his books about the njai, indigenous women in the Dutch East Indies who lived in concubinage and had children with Dutch men. In 2006, Baay made his literary debut with the semi-autobiographical novel De ogen van Solo (Solo's Eyes), dealing with migration and the uprootedness of Dutch people from the Dutch East Indies. He studied Dutch, specialising in colonial and post-colonial literature. From 1985 to 2005 he was editor of Indische Letteren, a journal for the literature of the Dutch East Indies. Gebleekte ziel (Bleached Soul) was published in 2012, a novel based on historical facts about the son of a Balinese nobleman sent to the Netherlands at the end of the 19th century.His private tutor is given the directive to "bleach" him, to take away his indigenous identity. Upon his return, he is too white for his compatriots and too dark for the white elite. Exactly 155 years after the (official) abolishment of slavery in the Dutch East Indies, Baay published Something Horrible Happened There, a non-fiction book about the unknown history of slavery in the Dutch East Indies.

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