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Saskia De Coster

(Belgium, 1976) in the blurb of her novel Wij en ik (We and I, 2013) Tom Lanoye called her 'for years the most stubborn, most capricious and most attractive pen in Belgium. In this penetrating family novel she chastises modern European man and describes how strong family ties are. 'The Great Flemish novel isn't dead. It has just been written by Saskia De Coster', Herman Koch wrote. Multitalented De Coster made her debut in 2000 with the story Onder elkaar (Among Each Other). She writes with gusto and soaks her stories - often populated by unwordly characters - in a firm dash of humor. She writes columns too, is a visual and video artist and she writes for the theatre - and lyrics. Saskia De Coster is very active on international literary stages. De Costers latest novel was published in 2015 and received (just like 'Wij en ik' did) the 'Cutting Edge Award'.

(BU 2016 NM)

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